Social Applications


Over 1 billion active users on Facebook, over 500 million on Twitter, 400 million on Google+ and many millions on Pinterest, YouTube, Tumblr, and others – the world is on social media sites. The presence of such a huge user base opens up a new domain of applications – Social Applications.

Social Applications are viral and engaging. They provide a new market for business. On Facebook itself about 20 million applications are installed each day. Besides this total number of applications and websites integrated with Facebook is over 7 million. Though much less, but other social sites too give numbers you just cannot ignore.

Social Applications and Social Integration of Business are domains you should not ignore.

Froiden helps you reach customers socially through:

  • Applications that are designed for viral growth
  • Applications that are engaging and connect users with their friends
  • Providing interesting content to your visitors according to their profile
  • Driving social traffic to your website


What we offer