Online Business Applications


Online presence of your business is crucial for its growth and keeping ahead of the competition. With more and more people getting connected to internet every day, no matter what type of business you run, new customers await you on the web.

Froiden can help you:

  • Bring your idea of new online business to reality
  • Get your existing business online, giving people easy access to information about you and the services you provide
  • Reach new customers, giving you an opportunity for exponential growth
  • Connect to existing customers in more efficient manner



Web is an ever changing world. The number of technologies is vast, and new ones appear sooner than you think. Diversity of devices which are can access web is large enough to give testers nightmares. Security is a big concern, and so is scalability.

At Froiden, we build applications that are:

  • Having blend of technologies that suits your needs the best
  • Fast, scalable and secure
  • Accessible across diverse devices
  • Have excellent up-time
  • Modular and thus easy to update
  • Complying with latest web standards


What we offer