Mobile Applications


Presence of your business on mobile has never been more important. Some statistics worth mentioning are:

  • Mobile internet usage is projected to take over desktop internet usage by 2014
  • More than 50% of internet users in India access it through their mobile devices
  • More people in developing countries are mobile-only internet users because of limited PC penetration.
  • Android is expected to take over Windows as the most used platform on computing devices by 2016.

It is evident that Mobile is the future. Presence of your online business on mobile is not an option anymore, it has become a necessity. Not just customers, your employees too need access to your business applications on mobile.

Froiden helps you to:

  • Create mobile applications with carefully thought out design that integrates deep with your business
  • Making existing applications more optimized, personalized and streamlined to meet requirements of modern smartphone and tablets era
  • Website specially designed for mobile users, streamlined to provide speed and simplicity


What we offer