Design Services


Design is one of the core activities in application development. Without proper design, implementation of any application is inefficient, prone to bugs, and generally leads to multifold increase in development time. It is known fact that focusing on design rather than coding and implementation greatly eases application development process and prevents the problems of improper design.

While everyone knows the importance of Architecture Design of applications, the value of User Interface design is often underestimated. A good architecture design, implemented with poor user interface can be as ineffective as bad design.

Froiden's user interface design team helps you get innovative user interface designs for your applications.


Keeping it Simple

One of the most common problems with UI Designs these days is that they are too complicated. Web applications are cluttered with menus, options, forms and irrelevant information. Froiden strongly believes in simple designs. We emphasize on designs that present only absolutely necessary elements to the users, while hiding irrelevant elements. Careful design of user interaction paths can provide amazing experience to them – easy to use and creative.

One of the best examples of simple interface designs is Metro Style User Interface introduced by Microsoft in Windows 8. Prior versions of Windows used Drop down Menus, context menus, etc. Metro Interface gave all that up and provided more screen space to applications. There is no big list of options to choose from. Action buttons are present where you expect them to be – thus options are placed where user is likely to expect them, instead of putting them all in menus. Metro Interface is optimized for touch, but it works pretty well on desktops too.


What We Offer

We offer services for User Interface design which includes:

  • Complete web application theme design providing ready to use template for implementation
  • Complete Mobile Application and Mobile Website designs
  • Mock up designs or wire frame designs