About Us

The history of Froiden is not at all what you would expect. It didn't start as: "Four friends sitting at coffee table one day came up with idea of starting a company that did things differently, and thus was Froiden born".

Froiden actually started as something different and ended up something else. The name "Froiden" was coined for a social networking site that a group of seven people planned to develop during college days in 2010. Two of those seven, Ajay and Shashank, are co-founders of Froiden. The idea of social networking site didn't work out, as they couldn't think of anything "different" they could do that already existing social networks didn't already do. They stopped working on the site, but the name "Froiden" remained alive.

During initial years, the founding members were mostly involved in freelancing work. They had passion for working with web technologies and working on projects from freelancer.com was easiest way to complete it. They started working under the name Froiden and thus Froiden was born.

While working as freelancers, they decided to create some products of their own. Froiden MagMe was the first one. It was a Facebook Application that allowed users to create covers of world famous magazines with their own photos featuring on them. It was a well appreciated product, which, thought had a slow start, ended up having over one lakh users in next few years.

During the same time, they also developed not-so-creative Facebook applications which became very popular and reached a total user-base of over 50 lakh users, before Facebook started taking down these kind of applications. Froiden's official page likes had reached over 8 lakh by then.

Froiden, however, was still not what it is today. Ajay and Shashank completed their graduation. Abhinav took up a job in a start-up, while Rakesh was still in college. Shashank later joined Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee to pursue Master of Technology in Computer Science. A lot of changes happened in the thinking of founders after that. They finally realized that freelancing was undermining their potential and they needed to build a reputed company, taking up more challenging projects and building popular products.

In March 2013, the founders decided to build Froiden as an outsourcing service provider, besides creating its own products. They decided to slowly give up freelancing. Over the months, they planned and worked on building Froiden as a brand. They shifted to Jaipur and started working on some ideas for their own products, the first step in building a reputation.

After hardwork and planning of six months, the founders got Froiden incorporated as a private limited company on 26th March, 2014. Quickly following this was inauguration of the first office of Froiden on 13th April, 2014 in Malviya Nagar, Jaipur. 

This is how Froiden, as it is today, came into existence.