About Us


Froiden is an outsourcing services provider for small and medium businesses, based in Jaipur, Rajasthan. It is a young company, started somewhere in 2013.

We mainly focus on providing services related to web, mobile and social applications. We do have plans for expanding to other emerging domains in near future.

We are not limited to providing outsourcing services. We have equal focus on developing our own products. While our products also are mainly web and mobile applications, we do not focus on any particular subject or industry. Our products tend to provide solutions to common problems faced by people. We do not develop products if similar ones are already in market, unless the existing products can be greatly improved upon.


Difference Matters

While working with Froiden, one thing that you will experience the most is the difference from others in the way we work and see things, and why is this difference so important.

Even smallest of things done differently can result in exceptional outcomes. This is what drives us to do things the way we think is right, and not just going by the book. This leads to innovations you find at Froiden.


More About Froiden

Here are some links to learn more about us:

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The Road Ahead

Because we have just got started, the road ahead is quite unclear and bumpy. But, our targets are clear. Our primary aim is to build a strong foundation for growth of the company. We plan to build Froiden as a brand right from start.

We have got Froiden incorporated as a Private Limited firm. We have also taken our very first office in Jaipur

Right now, our team only has four members - the founders. We know we will soon be requiring new members in our team. We feel really happy to think ourselves has employers, when few years ago we were looking for employment ourselves.

In future, we want to see Froiden as a different and respected brand in its field, no matter how small or large it is.